I'm a painter, writer, and freelance designer with over 15 years of experience in branding, web design, and illustration. As a painter, I've done small group shows around Philadelphia and am currently working on a solo show entitled "Portraits of Death". Below is my work history as well as a few selections of recent work, fire up Instagram to see what else I've been up to! If there's a project I can help you with, you can reach me here.

I also just published my first novella.

Work Experience

Self-Employed Designer & Professional Illustrator 2008-Current

Working independently to help small to medium sized businesses develop branding, packaging, and merchandise design. I also do similar work with local artists, comedians, and musicians.

Creative Director at Levante Brewing Co. 2015-2022

I worked as Levante's sole designer up until my departure to persue my own art career in 2022, helping to create over 350 unique brands. I handled their label and product packaging design, merch, all branding and on-site signage. I still do occasional work for them as a contractor, handling new label design and packaging projects as needed.

Designer and Developer at Stream Companies 2012-2017

I handled traditional print projects, and all web design projects for individual clients as well as templates that were offered through their FullThrottle initiative. I also assisted with front-end development and UX/UI for their full suite of programs.

Designer and Developer at Killer Interactive 2008-2012

I took the lead on all digital design work and assisted with front-end development.

Painter 1986-Present

I've been involved in illustration and painting since childhood. I've handled countless commissioned pieces, and more recently have participated in many group shows throughout Pennsylvania.

  • Past Shows:
  • The Station Gallery Group Show 2013
  • Woodmere Museum Antonelli 75th Anniversary Group Show 2013
  • Antonelli Institute Solo Exhibition 2014
  • Tattooed Moms Spilled Milk Group Show 2018
  • Tattooed Moms May the Force Feed You Group Show 2018
  • Tattooed Moms Be Kind Rewind VHS Group Show 2018
  • Tattooed Moms Anniversary Group Show 2019
  • Jinxed 14th Annual HeART Show 2023
  • Icarus Brewing Group Show 2023

Author 2018-Present

I've written a number of short stories and just recently published my first novella, get it here!

Up & Coming

  • Portraits of Death Exhibition OCT 2023

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